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Featuring a book by the authors of Purlie and Shenandoah and a spine-tingling contemporary gospel score, Amen Corner is an absolutely remarkable musical. Margaret Alexander, a single mother and pastor in s Harlem, has lived a public life of undying holiness and devotion to her Lord.

Her faith and strength begin to be challenged, though, as a few ill-intended elders of the church lay into action their plan to displace her. In addition, Margaret's musician husband, whom Margaret has maintained, but "abandoned" her and her son, has resurfaced and shown up on her doorstep, deathly ill.

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Forced to consider what she believes her Lord demands and what life itself does, Margaret must differentiate between her projections of faith and the free will of man. Amen Corner intimately delves into the challenging topic of faith, making it a wonderful piece for Christian-minded communities. It is a rarity to find a musical that wades through these waters successfully with such sharp honesty as Amen Corner.

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A poignant depiction of the power of faith, filled with soaring gospel melodies. Full Synopsis Materials and Orchestration.

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In The Real World. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Yes, with plenty of creature comforts and her old place in the amen corner in her possession again, she would be perfectly happy and at peace thenceforward to the end. View in context.

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Kakamega MCAs must stop drive for house perks. Massive discounts in clearance sale as shop closes suddenly after 41 years; Amen Corner Music Shop closed after the owner suddenly died. General Knowledge Quiz.