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Fraught with moral tension, the siblings attempt to excavate the past, only to realize that the secrets their father kept were more pervasive and tangled than they ever knew.

  1. Mitarbeitergespräche erfolgreich, sicher und souverän führen: Mitarbeitergespräche sicher vorbereiten, formulieren und aufbauen. Mit erfolgserprobten Verhaltensweisen, ... auch für Konflikte. (German Edition).
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Jackson Brody returns! Davidson has recently been working in a space somewhere between procedural and thriller, crafting something all her own with stories that are psychologically penetrating while never scrimping on the meticulous investigative details. From one of the most prolific and respected voices in urban fiction comes a new work of suspense that promises to be a cat-and-mouse game of epic proportions, as a cartel leader hunts down the woman who betrayed his organization to the feds. At a school reunion for an elite private academy, a journalist is murdered and the crime scene reminds anthropologist Duncan McCloud of a Sri Lankan ceremonial ritual.

As those connected to the crime scatter across the globe, McCloud works to unravel a conspiracy with roots in the colonial past. When three sisters disappear over the course of a long, hot Australian summer, no one is sure if they chose to run away from their ultra-religious parents, or were kidnapped. From the author of the eerily titled Marlena: The Most Beautiful Femur in the World, comes a new tale of corruption, murder, and cycling. When a series of incidents, culminating in murder, begin to fell competitors in the Tour de France, a cyclist is recruited by French police to be a man on the inside.

What follows is one part fast-paced thriller, and one part meditation on the nature of competition. Kelsey Rae Dimberg is certain to crash onto the scene with this new take on the nanny thriller. In Lowland Way, the tight-knit families observe the unspoken conventions of the suburban idyll.

Not long after the couple moves in, however, someone turns up dead, and soon enough, the residents of the neighborhood turn on each other. Appearances give way to back-stabbing vendettas and the families show their true colors in this twisty feat of domestic suspense. Side Chick Nation is one of the first fictional works to explore the experience and impact of Hurricane Maria. Petrova has written a consummate page-turner that also manages incredible layers of emotional depth.

With publishing rights already sold in over 30 countries, this one promises to be the next Scandinavian sensation. From the ever-prolific Joyce Carol Oates comes a haunting new meditation on guilt, betrayal, and family.

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From two-time Edgar Award winner Lori Roy comes a gothic tale determined to grapple with the legacy and hatreds of the past. The personal and the political are intertwined in this story of two women separated by time and experience, but brought together by the hateful Klan leader who has kidnapped one, and is the estranged father of the other.

Every Lori Roy novel promises to be a reckoning, but this one should satisfy on a number of levels. When a celebrity divorce lawyer is found dead, beaten over the head by a very expensive bottle of wine, Daniel and his assistant Anthony are called onto the case. Escapist entertainment in the tradition we know and love never fails to be a fun ride, and Horowitz hits home with the thrills, surprises, and amusement.

Military and action thriller fans are known to plan their summer vacations around the latest Brad Thor release, according to our favorite thriller columnist, Ryan Steck. The killer in Cutting fancies himself an artist and uses social media to increase the circulation of his art, i.

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Blanche Potter, an aspiring filmmaker, has done everything she can to dissociate with her father, Chuck Varner, a killer and cult leader. It also raises the question of whether Varner is still inspiring violence. Resurrecting a forgotten era of queer history, Polchin masterfully weaves brutal true crime research with critical analysis of the social history, exploring the way the media and nascent psychological theories were weaponizing prejudice and perpetuating a deviant stereotype of gay men.

From the author of Dead Letters comes a new work of secrets and lies set in upstate New York. In this reissued classic spy novel from Holly Roth, who herself disappeared mysteriously at sea in the s, a man searches for his intelligence agent fiancee, vanished into the murk of post-war Berlin while on assignment. Heidi is on the trail of a vanished girl, a twisted killer, and a local legend, all while an ice storm this is Wisconsin remember bears down on the community, heightening all tensions and ratcheting up all stakes.

Immersed in the atmosphere and politics of 70s-era Gulf Coast Texas, and featuring a fierce heroine who refuses to be defined, this series is not to be missed.

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Who is guilty, and who is innocent? Gordon is fashioning himself an impressive crime world niche somewhere between Donald Westlake and Elmore Leonard, with his raucous, rollicking stories of New York City crime. Come for the intricate, surprising crime scenarios; stay for the banter. Kalisha Buckhanon, Speaking of Summer Counterpoint. Rozan is a deft stylist and a consummate observer of both the details of crime and of everyday life.

Readers can expect a vivid road trip and a journey into some dark terrain. Murder in the halls of privilege is ever-so-satisfying, both for those reading for a familiar setting, and those reading to see the privileged few dethroned. Bonini and G. While admittedly the black castle is more than a little contrived the Dominator foresaw his defeat and this was the only countermeasure?

Book 3, The White Rose , sees it all fall apart. But the rebellion is a tawdry little affair, and the plot unengaging. The final alliance is too easily accomplished. The new Taken are only names. On top of that, the finale is almost anti-climactic: they dismantle the defenses and neutralize the Dominator using the Rose, and bury him more thoroughly. I had come to expect more from Cook.

The world of phages is more than a little scary. The material is presented engagingly - the vocabulary is a bit specialized but explained as it goes, and one can at least follow many of the articles. The illustrations are worth looking at. I have to note the genomes: phages are such genetic minimalists that a functional overview of the gene-regions of phages are presented before each one, and they are sometimes barely a page.

But for me, the most fascinating part of Tombstone was how the vast Chinese government hierarchy rippled policies and misinformation up and down it - how the local cadres tried to bow to the demands they were hearing from higher up, how the higher ups took the falsified statistics and claims often at face value, and how the highest officials in Beijing seem almost childishly helpless as they stagger between skepticism of reports given them and unthinking acceptance of positive results.

What is surprising is how effective the Chinese government was in maintaining control despite these severe systemic problems. How could so many millions starve to death, and no province rise up in rebellion? How could the revolts be so small scale, when the abuses were so bad and the death tolls large fractions of entire local populations? How did emigration not overwhelm any checks set up? Jisheng is at pains to show that the Communist propaganda worked and the people were not uniformly cynical about the regime like the Russians at the end of the USSR were: many officials sacrificed their careers or lives for their people, high officials are routinely shocked when they return to their home villages, and throughout we see people who are in all seriousness convinced that all the faults stem from local or midlevel officials and if only they can get word to the Emperor in Beijing all will be made well.

Well, it has a much faster start than Worm, the world-building takes what is usually authorial fiat and regulates it a bit so the action matters, some scenes are fantastic who could not enjoy the chapter about Blake negotiating a contract with the demon Pazu? And demon lawyers are intrinsically funny. Overall: good but not as great as Worm. Drugs 2. So this filled in a lot of holes for me. Power starts with the Western discovery of psychedelics and LSD, giving an engaging potted history of the period to focus on the late Alexander Shulgin. Here Drugs 2. Disclosure: Mike Power has interviewed or quoted me on several occasions about the dark net markets, and gave me a free PDF of Drugs 2.

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  • But it was so hard to read because of publisher watermarking, that I downloaded a better copy from Libgen and read that instead. I was interested primarily in his comments on China, and was surprised the extent to which he fixates on French literature especially for someone who wrote in English.

    Because of the goodness, I must overlook the bad. I have little interest in French politics of the s or, much the same thing, its novelists and those essays were excruciatingly dull to me. Roach comes up with all the best quotes and stories, seems to have talked to everyone and done everything. I laughed many times reading the book. One chapter was a revelation for me in explaining why early science fiction often postulated space driving people insane. Reading all the checks and modifications and details, one is boggled that we made it to the Moon, much less we be musing a Mars mission.

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    I compiled some excerpts from most of the chapters: - chapters - 3 - - - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - - endnotes. To a lesser extent, I was interested in the treacherous subordinate. I read it in two sittings because I wanted to see what happened. Of obscure origins, Buson is one of the more popular post-Basho haiku poets, along with Kobayashi Issa. But where Issa is known for his idiosyncrasy and sympathetic focus on animals, Buson is much more traditional and tried to live up to the ideal of the bunjin or Chinese-like literary gentleman who has mastered all the arts of the brush in a refined and almost distant style.

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    The discussion of his haiga likewise goes well beyond the usual superficialities and presentation of one or two photos, as Crowley comments in detail on how exactly the haiku and painting are supposed to combine into something more than their sum, and on the extremely obscure Chinese allusions Buson is prone to as a proper bunjin. Needless to say, this will only be of value to those already interested in haiku and its history. On the one hand, Dyson digs up all sorts of quotable lines and anecdotes and biographical details, many genuinely new to me.

    I enjoyed those greatly. For these I give it 4 stars. Instead, countless pages are taken up with detailed technical information that is simultaneously in depth and also poorly explained. I repeatedly got the feeling that Dyson is indulging in that common temptation, allocating material based on how much effort it took to find, not what would inform the reader - he went through a lot of work documenting MANIAC and the rest of us must enjoy suffer the fruits of it. The repeated analogies to search engines and modern computing come off very poorly search engines are analogue?

    For those reasons and others, this will never get 5 stars from me, and if there were a 3. Was it worthwhile? Not really. The Bicamerals themselves are something of a disappointment compared to the invention of the Scramblers or vampires.