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Which is your favorite and why? Imagine you could have any superpower you would like to have for a day. Which one would you pick? Is being able to successfully market your own books a super power? Boring, I know…. If you do, what are your all-time favorites? Usually for an hour or so just before bed. Where can your readers find out more about you and your books? Readers, new and seasoned, are always welcome to find and chat with me on-line and in the real world.

Entries close on Thursday, August 15, , 10 a. Great giveaway and interview with Georgia Beers coming up!

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Free books Did you know that I have not just a monthly reader newsletter for new releases, giveaways, special offers and other exciting news about my books, but also a list for readers who want free stories? It must be a challenge to come up with the t text for the images in that new version of your novel.

Her Kiss: A Lesbian Romance - Lesbian Sex Stories #1

In the best way! I really like books that can get under my skin that way. I love hot and sexy love scenes!! Another interesting interview with an awesome author.

Top 10 transgender books

Love these interviews! Definitely adding Fiona zedde to my list! Having had some of your books published by BSB and Ylva, I applaud you for going independent and wish you much luck. And I picture Jessica from the show Suits as Sylvia! Will definitely get one of her book to read. Thank you! Another confession: despite being both a massive reader and a massive gay, I struggled to find 10 such scenes.

Gentleman Jack: A Lesbian Review of Series 1 & Series 2 Recommendations

I stood for ages, staring at my overstuffed bookcases, and I realised that there was a terrible lack of queer sex. So where are the books I was looking for?

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  6. Where are all the sensual, honest, uncomfortable, glorious sex scenes? Many seem to have escaped me, but I know they must be out there. If nothing else, making this list has encouraged me to search even harder for honest depictions of LGBT love. There are 20 stories in the book, and the characters span the sexuality spectrum: from girl meets boy, to girl meets girl, to ungendered person meets a selection of girls and boys.

    But queer love is the love I know best, so many of the stories did end up that way. I wanted to show a range of love: blissful domesticity, fucked-up families, the rush of new attraction. Queer relationships are as complex and potentially disastrous as traditional ones. You do have to be patient. If you want things to get heated fast, better check out number 1 on this list. But if you have time, and are ready to smile and enjoy a slow and romantic ride… get the Jericho audiobook. Love everything about this podcast.

    Ihre Vorteile

    Start reading or listening now. Not exactly what heroine of the day Catherine Ryan-Barret had in my mind when she retreated to her cabin for some alone time…. Heart block is a heartwarming story in sunny San Diego. You get almost 10 hours of happy lesbian romance in a realistic setting. This story has believable characters with real life experiences.

    Something that sets Melissa Brayden somewhat apart from other authors.


    This book has sust under 10 delightful hours with a great narration.