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The readers were taught that there would be opposition to Christ that could distract Christians and distort Christianity i. The New Testament revealed the fact that wide-spread apostasy would exist cf. And John says that opposition to Christ comes in many ways. For instance, some deny that Jesus is the Christ , while others deny that Jesus the Christ came in the flesh Like our Lord cf. Matthew , John calls their attention to the reality of false prophets ; Herein is another test of fellowship with God — abiding in the truth — which is holding on to inspired teaching and rejecting error.

These things are written that you might know that you have eternal life Ephesians ; Romans A challenge confronts the children of God in that the world does not know them. The world does not comprehend the reason for godly conduct. The world does not understand the joy or sorrow of Christians. The world treated Christ the same way. As children of God, we live in hope cf. Romans , A responsibility follows for every child of God on the basis of this hope.

We must keep on purifying ourselves according to the standard of His purity John has outlined a number of our responsibilities as Christians. We must walk in the light, confess sins, keep the commandments, exemplify Christ, love the brethren, love not the world, and continue in the truth.

In the same way, we must progress in the divine standard for a pure life.

Dear God, Thank You For Everything

They would be led astray if they believed that God did not take notice of the lives of Christians. We should not be led astray either. We do hope, but how do we live? The child of God will practice righteousness and love his brother. This truth leads John to discuss the principles of love and hate in depth. Cain is an example of hate In fact, the world will often hate us just because we are righteous But love in our lives will demonstrate that we are not of the world He previously wrote that we must also keep the commandments Additionally, we must believe that Jesus is the Son of God If we have obeyed the gospel, and are thereby children of God, there must be abiding, loving proof.

Loving the brethren is not the only thing that a Christian does, but it is a necessary one. Hate seeks to destroy. If we entertain malicious thoughts about the ruin of others, we are in the same class as a murderer. Love seeks to save. Do you want to know what love is?

Look at Christ He loved; He did not love those who loved Him first So, if we love the souls of our brethren, we ought to be willing to do that which we are able to help them go to heaven c. Love identifies a spiritual need and responds. Should we not live according to the same principle? We realize that fellowship with God is more than a profession. John clearly makes this point.


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God knows that we, as sincere people, will experience doubts about our salvation. The divine standard is so high, and we are so weak. But God wants us to have confidence. He wants us to know that we are saved. But the assurance of our salvation is not an emotional feeling. It is not a subjective question. God gives us the knowledge in His Word We inherited traits from our parents. If God is our spiritual Father, we will be like Him ; God is love. Here is the way we know that we are begotten of God i.

We know our weaknesses, and these discourage us.

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But God knows our motives, intentions, and concerns. He knows if we want to be pleasing to Him , and He knows if we are keeping His commandments He knows if we believe in His Son, and He knows if we love others Our assurance is in Him. Confidence comes from realizing that He has perfect knowledge of our sincerity to live like Christ and of our commitment to keep the commandments God knows.

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Our Advocate pleads and interceeds cf. Because of who God is, what He has done, and what He continues to do, we can walk in the light, being confident as Christians and sure of salvation. Jackson, Jason. Access date: November 26, Topical Index. About Contact. Chapter 1 Verses Notice the order of things that lead to eternal life.

In order to have fellowship with God we must avoid the following errors: We cannot walk in darkness i. We cannot claim that sin has no real significance in our lives ; cf. Romans We cannot assert that we have not sinned ; cf. Verses What about other Christians?

Why an Atonement?

The opposite of love is hate. The late brother Guy N. Almighty God loves you with a deep and perfect love. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review.

About this product Description Does God care about you? Is He aware of your day-to-day activities, worries, afflictions, and sorrows? God is t a distant, uninterested, uncaring being that created the world then left the inhabitants to fend for themselves. He will call you to be His child, a part of His intimate family. He is aware of each minute of your existence.

He knew you before you were born and has a divine purpose for your life. He never leaves you. He never forsakes you. He is always aware and available. He picks you up when you fall. He sets you back on the right path when you stray.

He protects and comforts you through trouble when it comes.